Picturesque Pozzuoli

For anyone that loves Sofia Loren, Pozzuoli should be on your list of things to see and do! Although there are no tributes, photographs or history boards attributed to the amazing actress, it is incredible to see where Sofia Loren spent some of her childhood.

Even if you are not a film enthusiast, Pozzuoli is a beautiful place for a day out. I love Pozzuoli because it has more of an Italian feel to it and it is very hard to hear a word of English in this beautiful picturesque town. Despite the fact that it is not far from Sorrento, there is a completely different atmosphere, which is something I found very charming about this specific place. It is a lot less busy around the harbour area and Pozzuoli is not filled with tacky tourist shops, instead it has shops to fit the needs of the local inhabitants.


At lunchtime…traditions are traditions. All of the shops shut in Pozzuoli for at least two hours over lunch…giving you the perfect opportunity to head down to the beach and relax! The beach at Pozzuoli is very crowded with locals but the water is beautiful….it glistens like a thousand crystals ..and to my surprise…it was actually quite warm!

The train journey back to Naples from Pozzuoli is very interesting. Although some of the places look very impoverished, they still have that certain “je ne sais quoi”, that certain Italian charm! I really would recommend Pozzuoli to anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the tourism in Sorrento!



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