Arrivedeci Italia!

My final three days here have come around quicker than I ever expected. In someways I am looking forward to returning and seeing my family to share all of my fabulous stories and memories of my “new home” but in other ways I feel like cancelling my airplane ticket and staying here FOREVER!

For the locals here the views have become part of their daily lives. I am always surprised when I talk to locals that tell me they do not even notice the views anymore because it has become their natural background. After five weeks I am still taken aback by the views! The views really do make this place an incredible place to be. It is difficult to say what I have enjoyed the most during my time here because I have had so many amazing experiences. The weeks here seem to have merged into one big memory. It definitely does not feel like five weeks have passed since my arrival.


The first two weeks were particularly special because my parents were also here on holiday and after school we could enjoy all of the amazing places and restaurants together. Then my godfather and his mother came to visit. It does make a difference having family here to share these experiences. However, once my family had gone, I was left to stand on my own two feet. This gave me the opportunity to make incredible friends and experience all of the places from a different perspective as I started to integrate more and more with the locals. It has been amazing getting to know all the lovely people that live in this area. They really are the kindest people I’ve met in a longtime and often they welcome you into their families as if you were a family member.

I would also like to mention my amazing host family. My “mamma italiana” has been incredible and I really wish I could have spent more time with her. I have never met such a kind lady! For anyone reading this and thinking of coming to study at Sant’Anna, if you end up living with this family….you will have the most amazing experience…I can guarantee that now.

Not only have I met a lot of lovely Italians, I have also met a lot of holiday makers who each have their own individual stories of adventure and discovery. I have learnt so much outside of school through contact with various different people. At the time some of the conversations seem to be just general chit-chatter but at the end I always return home feeling like I have learnt a valuable life lesson. There is no place on earth that is as sociable as this amazing place! I urge anyone that has not already tried a course here….to do so! You will not regret it! IMG_2100



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