Serenity in Sorrento

Searching for Serenity ….

The moment the plane lands at Naples airport, the adventure begins. Having previously been to Sorrento seven times, I was sure I had seen and done it all….yet something inside of me was telling me to return! When the bus pulled around the corner…and I got my first glimpse of Sorrento in the distance, my reasons for wanting to return became so clear! There are no words that can describe such views…they really are breathtaking!

Sunset Boulevard….

On my first evening in Sorrento, I walked to the Moonlight café, which is about ten minuets by foot from the center of Sorrento. I was determined to make it their in time to watch the sunset! As the sunset commenced, everyone went silent! It was such a surreal experience. Tourist were waiting ready with their cameras to get that perfect holiday snap, whilst locals were just beginning to wind down after a long day at work.  It was the perfect end to my first evening in Sorrento….Within four hours of landing in Italy, I had found the serenity I was looking for!


The sunrise is almost as exciting as the sunset. As the sunrises, Sorrento comes back to life, as the streets start to fill with the sound of vespas. On my first morning in Italy, all I wanted to hear was a vespa. For some reason, that is when I always feel like “I’m home!”. Even though I am not Italian and this is not my hometown, there is something so magical about this place that makes it feel like home no matter how long I stay. When I go to bed, I often leave my window open just to fill the room with the sound of vespas and locals chatting away in Italian…it’s a very comforting sound.

The walk to work could not be more picturesque. The walk should only take me 10 minuets, yet I leave myself at least 40 minuets. I always find myself stopping in Piazza Tasso to absorb the atmosphere and the first view I come to of the sea. I then walk another 5 minuets and find myself stopping again outside the Syrene Hotel. The view is breathtaking. It’s like looking through a picture frame and discovering the magic!




Although the views are amazing, there is more to Sorrento than just the landscapes. The morning buzz is incredible. For anyone looking for the true Italian experience, I reccomend going to a local bar/café at 8.30am in the morning. This is the time that most of the locals call in for a quick catch-up and an espresso. It really is a unique experience and a great way to start your day! Feeling stressed or anxious just is not an option in a place like this!

On my second night in Sorrento, I wanted the same sunset experience but I did not want to repeat the night before. Therefore, I decided to head down to the Marina Grande. This is my favourite place to go in an evening. There is such a peaceful atmosphere…the sound of the waves as they hit the sand, the sound of the local man singing and the whistling of the old folk! On my way down to the Marina, I found an incredible café on the steps. The views that this café offer are second to none! I sat for at least two hours enjoying the view before I went for a leisurely walk along the harbour. The locals have a lot to play in the creating of the perfect holiday experience! It is true….Southern Italians are definitely amongst the friendliest people in the world! I have never met such lovely, friendly, open people…and I have lived in several other European countries!

Everyday here is an adventure. Everyday here is a memory. Everyday here is a day I will never forget!



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